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Temperature Control Solutions

IDP provide a variety of temperature control solutions based on modular controller, the solution is suitable for use in server rooms, refrigerated containers, industrial refrigerators, refrigerated trucks and more ...


The unit contains a 4G cellular modem and a controller with several inputs for temperature sensors.
One of the models has also a power supply that can connect to external battery for alerting on power failure.
The controller alerts by sending an SMS message to several users about a deviation in the defined temperature.

The controller have web base interface, you just need to open the browser and typing the IP address of the controller in the browser from any computer / smartphone on the network (password protected).
You can observe at any given time the current temperature measured via the WEB interface in the browser or by calling to controller and receiving SMS with the temperature status.

The controller has a memory of 60,000 temperature data, you can view the temperature data in the form of graph or download it to a CSV file.

Optional adds on:
Low-voltage relay output that can activate a horn / fan / air conditioner (using an external relay connection - a qualified electrician must be used).
Backup battery - for power failure.
Dry contact inputs for alerts like server room door that remains open for longer than specified.
External flood Sensor.
Send an alert via EMAIL through the client server (the server must support unsecured SMTP).

Hardware Specifications:
• Support several RS485 sensors - from 1 up to 16.
• Internal memory of 60,000 samples.
• SMS Alert up to 16 phone numbers.
• 4G cellular modem.
• Optional power failure alert.
• Operating Power: 12V DC / 220V AC.
• Operating temperature range: -40 ~ +70C.

The solution can be changed and adapted according to the customer's requirements (in terms of hardware or software of the controller).

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