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Disabling Rented Electrical Devices

The problem:

The customer is renting electrical devices that their cost can reach to tens of thousands of US$.
The customer seek for a solution that will make it possible for him to disable a device remotely in case that the tenant didn't pay.

Our solution:

A controller with a cellular modem that is installed inside the device. The controller is configured to lock the device in a certain date or after a certain amount of working hours.

Technical description of the controllers and the development:

The system is composed from a controller with a 3G cellular modem that were installed in the customer machine.
It contain several relays that disconnect internal components of the device and a digital input that can alert if the user is trying to remove its external shield.


IDP also provided a software that makes it possible to shut down any of the devices by demand. In addition, the customer can also shut down any of the devices by using a cell phone.


This solution was installed successfully in several companies that sell or rent quite expensive electronic equipment in the fields of medicine and industry.

Disabling Rented Electrical Devices
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