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Remote Relay Control Solutions

IDP provide a variety of relays control solutions based on the modular controller, the solution is suitable for remote controlling at electronic devices such as lights, gates, doors, air conditions, boilers and more ...

The controller have web interface with user friendly interface, the user can turn on and off the relays from the main page and also set up weekly schedule for each of the relays.
Hardware Specifications:
• Build in RJ45 connection.
​• Optional WIFI / Cellular modem.
• Several relays output - from 2 up to 24.
• Dry contact relays - up to 30V DC 1A.
• Optional 3G cellular modem.
• Optional dry contact inputs.
• Operating Power: 12V DC.

• Operating temperature range: -40 ~ +70C.
This product can be changed and adjusted in accordance with customer requirements (in terms of hardware or software), for example adding inputs and set up more conditions.

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