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Remote Control on Gates and Doors

The problem:

The customer have a manufacturing plant with a wide compound that have about 20 gates for entrance of cars. The customer searched for a solution that will make it possible to control the gates from the main control room of the company.

Our solution:

The solution is composed from four controllers with relays and inputs for magnets so there will be an indication on the status of the gates (open, close or semi-open).
In addition, a software was developed that shows on the screen a map of the plant compound with all the gates and their names, open buttons and an indication about the status of each gate.

Technical description of the controllers and the development:

The system compose from four controllers which are connected to the LAN of the customer and a software with a display of the status of all the gates in its main screen.
A click on the icon of each controller open a screen from which all the gates that are controlled by this controller can be opened.

remote control on gates
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