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Parking GSM Solutions

The P302A  is a smart gate control system based on GSM cellular network. The unit controls the gate by receiving  Caller  ID  from the calling Party, the way it works:
Once a phone call is made to the P302A it checks if the calling number is listed in an authorized callers list, If the number is listed the unit checks for more parameters for example time frame allowed, then it opens the relay (that control the gate / barrier / electric door).
 There is no call costs as all incoming calls are rejected .
Main features :
No call charges.
Can use prepaid sim card with no credit (no monthly charge).
Using simple feature of caller ID for control.
Can be operated from anywhere!  -  no distance limit.
Allows controlling the system via SMS or advanced web interface
Memory for 12,000 authorized users.
Records at least 1000 calling numbers in an internal log.
GSM Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Network.
One optical solid state relay output 60V 160ma.
Four Indication LED's.
Operating Power: 12-24 V DC / AC.
Dimensions 70x50x20.5mm
P302A - One relay
P302B - Two relays
P302I - One relay + One input*
*The input can alarm by SMS up to 4 phone numbers (gate remain open for more then X seconds).

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