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Smart Light Control Solution

The problem:
There are several sport grounds in the city. The goal is to have an easy remote control for turning on and off the lights and also to save energy.

Our solution:
We were involved in several projects in a few cities and local authorities that in each one the solution was different in accordance with the requirement of the local authority.

1st solution:
A computer software that enable to define a weekly schedule for turning the lights on and off. Also, the lights can be turned on and off using an authorized cell phone.

2nd solution:
A computer software that enables to define a schedule for turning the lights off. The lights does not torn on automatically but there is a power button at the entrance of the ground. After the sunset, the lights can be turned on by pushing the power button. The controller will turn on the lights for 1 hour and a siren will be activated a few minutes before the lights will be turned off. If the players want to use the ground for another hour, they can press the power button. In a certain hour that was set up in advance by the city hall , the controller will disconnect the lights so it can't be turned on anymore.

3rd solution:
A controller with a cellular modem that can be remote controlled from any computer or Smartphone which is connected to the internet. In the user interface of the controller, the user can set up a weekly schedule for the activation of the lights.

4th solution:
A controller with a cellular modem that allow to set up thousands of phone numbers as users authorized to turn the lights on by dialing to the controller. The permissions of each user to turn the lights on can be limited by schedule, dates and days.

Technical description of the controllers and the development:
The controller contain a low voltage relay that activates a contactor (external relay) which then turn on the high voltage of the light.

The controller also contain a cellular modem that enables a remote control by SMS of a web interface (depends on the requirement of the customer).

The software of the controller is prepared per the requirements of the customer including schedules, set up of users, astronomical clock with the sunset and sunrise hours and more.

smart light control solution
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