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A System for Automatic Activation of Game Stands in Exhibition

The problem:

The customer built game stands in the IDF Exhibition. The requirement was that every visitor get an RFID bracelet in the entrance of the exhibition.
With this RFID bracelet the visitor will be able to activated the different game stands in the different areas of the exhibition.

Our solution:

We delivered more than 50 RFID Readers with RS485 communication that were connected to 5 controllers with network communication.

Technical description of the controllers and the development:

The system was compose from UR110-20 RFID Readers with RS485 communication that can be connected in series on the same cables.
Every reader have its own ID and at the end, the readers were connected to a TPS Controller that have a network connection.
The controller sampled all the readers that were connected to him and if there was new data in one reader or more, it sent the reader ID and the bracelet ID to the main server in order to activate the relevant game.

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