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Data Transmit between Remote Controllers

The problem:

The customer have several sensors that were installed outdoors in the desert, were there is no electricity or internet connection. The customer wanted to transmit the data received from the sensors to his control room.

Our solution:

We delivered several controllers that were connected to the customer sensors. The controllers sample the sensors every few minutes (the exact sampling frequency was configured by the customer) and transmit the data via SMS to a central controller that was installed in the control room.

The central controller receives the data from the controllers that were installed outdoors and transmit it via analog output (0-10V) to the main controller of the customer.


In addition, by closing its relays, the central controller can alert when no data was received from the outdoors controllers.

Technical description of the controllers and the development:

There are several controllers that were connected to an 8 pulse sensors, The controller calculates the interval between the pulses and send to the central controller a number between 0-10 via SMS.


Additionally, there are several controllers that are connected to 4-20mA sensors. The controller convert this data to a value between 0-10 and then send it to the central controller via SMS.


The central controller contain 12 analog outputs (0-10V) and 10 relays that get closed if there is a communication problem.


IDP developed the code of the controllers that enables the transmission of the data per the configurations of the customer.

Data Transmit between Remote Controllers
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