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Alert Controller for Workers
in Emergency Situation

The problem:

The customer have workers that are working in dangerous sites. They are wearing a device that send an SMS Message whenever the employee fall down or when he push a panic button that is built-in in the device.

The customer wanted that in such cases, a siren will be operated and an alert with the name of the employee that fell will be presented in the control room.

Our solution:

A controller that gets the SMS Message from the worker's device, operating a siren and presenting the name of the worker that fell on a screen in the control room.

Technical description of the controllers and the development:

The controller is connected to a cellular modem and to the computers network. The phone number of the controller is configured in the devices of the worker so in case of fall, the device will send an SMS to the controller.


The phone number of each device is defined in the contacts list of the controller. When our controller gets an SMS from one of the contacts, it turn on a relay and popups a window with the name of the employee that fell down.


There are devices that can also send the location of the worker using a GPS (only if the employee is outdoors) and our controller can display this location on a screen.

Alert controller - alarm system
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