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Alert on Entrance of Guests or
Contractors to Restricted Areas

The problem:

There is a government office with restricted areas and classified rooms prohibited for guests and contractors.
The customer searched for a system that will recognize unauthorized users that are intending to enter these areas and will send an alert to the cell phone of the Security Officer.

Our solution:

The solution is based on a guest tag that transmit its ID continually. A control that is installed in the entrance of the restricted area recognizes the tag form a distance of 10 Meters and immediately send an alert by SMS to the Security Officer.

Technical description of the controllers and the development:

The solution is based on a BLE Tag with an internal battery and a cellular controller that is connected to a BLE Reader.
The user can set up in the controller the tags that are not allowed to approach the restricted area.
The phone numbers that should get the alert by SMS are set up in the controller's user interface as well.

BLE alert control system
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