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Access Control Solutions

IDP provide a variety of access control solutions based on the modular controller, with external reader such as RFID card reader, BLE reader ( for identification from 10-15 meters), NFC reader, Magnetic card reader, keypad or biometric reader.

The solution is suitable for offices, warehouses, buildings and parking lots.


The controller has a Ethernet connection, you can access the management interface by open the web browser and type the IP address of the controller - without installing software on the computer!
That means that you can enter the controller interface from any computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the network!

In the management interface you can add users, add users groups, search and download the event log, get the currend status of the doors and more.
For each users group you can set schedule in which they are allowed to enter, choose the allowed doors to enter and set start date and end date.

This access control system also contains various functions of settings, you can set the anti-pass-back function that does not allow the continuous entry of a particular user before performing an exit operation, you can also set the Interlock function to prevent the opening of two doors at the same time (suitable for entrance corridors to clean rooms, entry to money changers or security rooms).

NO network connection is required for the controller’s operation.

If a solution for more than 4 doors is required, the user can use a master controller that can connect to several controllers throughout the network, and display all the events, users and configuration in a single interface.

All of the solutions above can be changed and adjusted in accordance with customer requirements (in terms of hardware or software), for example special software that is suitable for parking lot:
For each users group can set the number of parking spaces, in that way the controller will count how many free parking space there are for each group separately and will not allow entrance if there is no more space in the parking lot.

The users can open the gate by making a phone call to the controller / present RFID card / use fingerprint / put UHF sticker on the windshield / use BLE beacon. 


Hardware Specifications:

We offer 2 kinds of controllers, Access control for 2 / 4 doors. 
• 2 / 4 dry contact relays - up to 30VDC 1A with NO/NC connections.
• 2 / 4 wiegand inputs (for external reader).
• 2 / 4 dry contact input for exit button.
• 2 / 4 dry contact input for magnetic sensor.
• Ethernet port - RJ45.
• Optional internal Wi-Fi module.
• Operating Power: 12V DC.
• Operating temperature range: -40 ~ +70C.
• Internal memory of 5,000 users, 255 users groups and 20,000 events

• Dimensions:
  105x105x39mm for 2 doors controller.
  176x105x39mm for 4 doors controller.


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